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    Dr. Robert Dilbone is very accessible. The appointments are easily made. He’s very communicative and sensitive. He does well with the pets.

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    My large (106 lb) Labradoodle had something in his paw. This paw was red, swollen and he was limping. Dr. Dilbone and his staff were very nice, (and) I was told to come right in. We saw the doctor and he immediately took care of the problem. We are very happy with the staff and with the vet. We will continue to see this vet. Prompt service. Very nice people. Price was less than we expected. We received medication and bandages to take home and my dog received a shot while we were there.

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    He (Dr. Dilbone) took the time and did not give me a snap call on what’s wrong. At this writing I still don’t know because he (Dr. Dilbone) was trying to get x-rays from the “other” vet we took him to. He (Dr. Dilbone) did blood work and examined my boy from head to tail and all points in between!! The Good Dr. has the healer’s touch. My boy loved him and so did we! The staff were great, very personal but professional too! (not an easy thing to manage!!)

    He (Dr. Dilbone) spent about 40 or so minutes and just talked about our life and Smokie’s (our cat) life. He (Dr. Dilbone) wanted to know every detail, to get a better overall picture. (very smart!) The fact that he (Dr. Dilbone) knew how to talk to cats blew me away! Also, how to really touch a cat without loosing a finger, etc. To the point: This doctor (Dr. Dilbone) is one of the finest I’ve ever seen. I hope the folks in the area use him, he’s a real “find.”

    I give him a 100%

    Great job Dr. Dilbone!

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    Cat examination, hospitalization and treatment overnight, x-rayed and blood work done. The vet (Dr. Dilbone) and technicians were kind and gentle with her at all stages. She was gently euthanized the following morning with me present throughout. My cat could not eat nor drink for several days, and her face was swollen. She was seen immediately by the vet (Dr. Dilbone), who so very gently examined her. He immediately relieved her pain, and started and maintained re-hydration, pain meds, and antibiotic through the night. In the morning, he took x-rays that showed a massive tumor in her head. He called me and gently and kindly broke the news to me, and asked if I could come on in to the office. He thoroughly reviewed and discussed the x-rays. Then the cat was gently carried to me, and I was able to be with her as she was so gently and kindly put to sleep. The vet (Dr. Dilbone) tenderly wrapped her in the blanket I had brought from home, so she was wrapped up as I wished. The technicians remained with us throughout, and helped me get her out to the car and on my way home.

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    Took my eight-year-old dog to Dr. Dilbone because he had bad hip pain – heretofore managed elsewhere with an increasing dosage of various pain killers. I have never spent TWO HOURS with ANY health professional in my life before! The good Doctor examined my boy so thoroughly as to stick his nose in my dog’s mouth to smell his breath, gave him two blood tests, whose results he shared with me immediately, remarking that there is some underlying infection in my boy. He came up with a two-week treatment for the bad hips and the mysterious infection. We are going to show off to him tomorrow: a new dog! Still a bit of pain, but he can WALK!

    Dr. Dilbone does not call himself a HOLISTIC VET – but you can be sure that he will always consider the WHOLE dog – rather than just a toe, an ear or a patch of skin, as all vets seem to do before rushing you to the cash register! Do your dog a favor: take him to Dr. Dilbone for a check up, even if you remain with your current vet…it may be the check-up that saves your friend’s life!

    Mila Duboff

    Bed 'n Biscuit Inn