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Great job!


He (Dr. Dilbone) took the time and did not give me a snap call on what’s wrong. At this writing I still don’t know because he (Dr. Dilbone) was trying to get x-rays from the “other” vet we took him to. He (Dr. Dilbone) did blood work and examined my boy from head to tail and all points in between!! The Good Dr. has the healer’s touch. My boy loved him and so did we! The staff were great, very personal but professional too! (not an easy thing to manage!!)

He (Dr. Dilbone) spent about 40 or so minutes and just talked about our life and Smokie’s (our cat) life. He (Dr. Dilbone) wanted to know every detail, to get a better overall picture. (very smart!) The fact that he (Dr. Dilbone) knew how to talk to cats blew me away! Also, how to really touch a cat without loosing a finger, etc. To the point: This doctor (Dr. Dilbone) is one of the finest I’ve ever seen. I hope the folks in the area use him, he’s a real “find.”

I give him a 100%

Great job Dr. Dilbone!

Linda and Ron Jarrell