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First visit


Took my eight-year-old dog to Dr. Dilbone because he had bad hip pain – heretofore managed elsewhere with an increasing dosage of various pain killers. I have never spent TWO HOURS with ANY health professional in my life before! The good Doctor examined my boy so thoroughly as to stick his nose in my dog’s mouth to smell his breath, gave him two blood tests, whose results he shared with me immediately, remarking that there is some underlying infection in my boy. He came up with a two-week treatment for the bad hips and the mysterious infection. We are going to show off to him tomorrow: a new dog! Still a bit of pain, but he can WALK!

Dr. Dilbone does not call himself a HOLISTIC VET – but you can be sure that he will always consider the WHOLE dog – rather than just a toe, an ear or a patch of skin, as all vets seem to do before rushing you to the cash register! Do your dog a favor: take him to Dr. Dilbone for a check up, even if you remain with your current vet…it may be the check-up that saves your friend’s life!

Mila Duboff

Bed 'n Biscuit Inn