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Compassionate care


Cat examination, hospitalization and treatment overnight, x-rayed and blood work done. The vet (Dr. Dilbone) and technicians were kind and gentle with her at all stages. She was gently euthanized the following morning with me present throughout. My cat could not eat nor drink for several days, and her face was swollen. She was seen immediately by the vet (Dr. Dilbone), who so very gently examined her. He immediately relieved her pain, and started and maintained re-hydration, pain meds, and antibiotic through the night. In the morning, he took x-rays that showed a massive tumor in her head. He called me and gently and kindly broke the news to me, and asked if I could come on in to the office. He thoroughly reviewed and discussed the x-rays. Then the cat was gently carried to me, and I was able to be with her as she was so gently and kindly put to sleep. The vet (Dr. Dilbone) tenderly wrapped her in the blanket I had brought from home, so she was wrapped up as I wished. The technicians remained with us throughout, and helped me get her out to the car and on my way home.

Mary Broske